Purple 18th Century Corset Bodice


Stunning 18th century style corset bodice.


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18th century corset design that laces down the front and back. Outer fabric is a coarse weave multicolor fabric in purple, blue and green. Approximately 50 Antique brass grommets, varies by size.
The bodice is lined in peach rayon heavy upholstery fabric with a grosgrain weave. A total of 8 heavy duty plastic bones, 4 down the center front and 4 down the center back.

This corset bodice is not designed for extreme tight lacing due to the course weave of the fabric. If you’re expecting a waist reduction in excess of 3 inches, it’s possible for the grommets to rip out. Please be sure to order the appropriate size. As there was extremely limited fabric available, only 14 bodices were made.


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