Pirate Corset Bodice


Stunning 18th century style corset bodice.

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18th century corset design that laces down both the front and back.  Approximately 50 Antique brass grommets, varies by size.
The bodice is lined in either cotton twill or peach rayon heavy upholstery fabric with a grosgrain weave. A total of 8 heavy duty plastic bones, 4 down the center front and 4 down the center back.

This corset bodice is not designed for extreme tight lacing due to the course weave of the fabric. If you’re expecting a waist reduction in excess of 3 inches, it’s possible for the grommets to rip out. Please be sure to order the appropriate size. As there was extremely limited fabric available, only 14 bodices were made.



Large, Medium, Small


Gold, Green Stripe, Mauve/ Burgundy, Purple, Tartan

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